We are two dog people body and soul and we became absolutely addicted to Bernese mountain dog breed.

We are not going to have puppies in our kennel very often, so our priority is to breed healthy puppies, socialized as much as possible with excellent exterior and balanced character, who will be universal companions to their new owners.

Our dogs are full right members of our family, we are here for them and they are here for us. We have chosen to live in the countryside thanks to them. They have all the house and garden available. They have never experienced to be closed in a hutch.

They are used to children, adults, seniors and handicapped people, too. They love company and hate to be alone. Therefore they always accompany us also during our private journeys together with other members of our pack – Goldie and Ebigail who are Shelties (Shetland sheepdog). We also go for dog shows, training camps, various seminars and first of all we work as the dog assisted therapists.

Life with dogs is not only our hobby, it is our lifestyle.

Breeding puppies is something like the icing on the cake for us. The most important thing for us is always the health and welfare of our dogs and the same is valid also for our breeding. Therefore it is very important for us to be in contact with the new owners.

Thanks to our dogs we have met a lot of fantastic people and our life is richer with them in every respect.